Transformation Package 3


Transformation Package 3

Welcome to your personal journey of transformation and inner development!

I’m excited to introduce you to a special package that combines essential elements to guide your personal and spiritual evolution over the course of 5 months.

This unique experience not only offers you a series of deep and transformative sessions but also provides you with a set of tools that you can use to support your development and transformation even after our sessions conclude.

In the coming months, you’ll explore various aspects of your personal evolution, starting with a strong foundation provided by coaching sessions, continuing with the profound experience of Kundalini Bodywork and Coherent Energy Patterns (CEP), and concluding with the exploration of past experiences in a hypnosis session.

Each month will bring a new direction and a new experience, all contributing to your personal and spiritual growth. I will guide you, support you, and provide you with the necessary tools to continue your journey at home, enabling you to maintain balance, health, and long-term clarity.

At each stage of this package, you will discover a new world of possibilities and learn how to apply this knowledge to your daily life. I am here to guide, inspire, and support you throughout this journey.

This package grants you access to:

10 Transformative Sessions (Total of 22 Hours):

Month 1: Coaching and Kundalini

Coaching Session (1.5 hours): We begin your transformation journey with a coaching session. Here, we will identify your goals, desires, and personal needs. You will receive personalized guidance to establish a solid foundation for your journey.

Individual Kundalini Session (2 hours): In this session, you will experience Kundalini Bodywork, which involves techniques for activating and balancing your inner energy. You will discover a deep connection with your body and unlock stagnant energies. This experience will open the door to well-being and inner clarity.

Month 2: Hypnosis and CEP (Coherent Energy Patterns)

QHHT or BQH Regressive Hypnosis Session (4-5 hours): This deep session will allow you to explore past lives, future lives, other dimensions, or even your current life to access inner wisdom and healing. You will work to release old emotions and traumas that may be hindering you from reaching your full potential. In this session, you can ask around 20 questions to your Higher Self in any domain you wish, from relationships and career to spirituality.

Group CEP Session (2 hours): In this session, we focus on transforming and releasing old energy patterns that are no longer beneficial. You will work together to create energetic coherence and manifest positive changes in your life.

Month 3: Coaching and CEP (Coherent Energy Patterns)

Coaching Session (1.5 hours): After the Kundalini and CEP experience, we will return to coaching sessions to assess progress, set future goals, and guide you on the path of personal development.

Group CEP Session (2 hours): We continue with CEP to strengthen energetic transformation and positive manifestation.

Month 4: Kundalini and CEP (Coherent Energy Patterns)

Individual Kundalini Session (2 hours): Experience Kundalini once again to maintain inner balance and harmony.

Group CEP Session (2 hours): We continue with CEP to solidify energetic transformation and manifest positive changes in your life.

Month 5: Kundalini and Coaching

Individual Kundalini Session (2 hours): Experience Kundalini to maintain inner balance and harmony.

Coaching Session (1.5 hours): We conclude the package with a final coaching session to reflect on your journey and provide you with the last resources and guidance for the future.

Link to Hypnosis Session: https://irinaamarinei.com/en/qhht-hypnosis/

Link to the Kundalini session: https://irinaamarinei.com/en/kundalini-bodywork/

Link to information about CEP: https://irinaamarinei.com/en/coherent-energy-patterns-cep/

Link to online CEP group sessions: https://irinaamarinei.com/en/online/

To receive the promotional code for the Transformation Package or for any other information, please contact us via email at irinaamarinei@yahoo.com or on WhatsApp at phone number 0790128561.

This well-structured program spread over 5 months will guide you on a journey of personal transformation and inner development. Each session has a specific purpose and will help you achieve your development goals and explore your maximum potential.

I’m here to support you at every step of your journey towards personal growth and healing.

With gratitude and harmony,

Irina Amarinei


Human potential is limitless

The key to evolution is the introduction of the dimension of a higher consciousness în our awareness.
The human potential is the innate capacity to live and express according to the highest self.

QHHT Hypnosis

QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique was created by Dolores Cannon


BQH Hypnosis

Connect with your True Self for healing and spiritual growth.


Kundalini Bodywork

Kundalini Bodywork is a holistic practice that changes the bodies vibration.



CEP or Coherent Energy Patterns, is a profoundly transformative technique