Transformation Package 2


Transformation Package 2

In your journey towards personal transformation, you are on the path to a profound discovery of your Highest Self, and I am here to guide you on this wonderful journey.

The Personal Transformation Package has been carefully crafted to support you throughout this amazing journey. It is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to reach your goals and to connect more deeply with your inner self.

This package includes six sessions, totaling 14 hours of inner exploration. Each session is designed to help you reach your maximum potential and discover deeper layers of your true self. At every stage, you will experience a new dimension of personal transformation, and I will be here, your guide, to support you.

Every moment spent in these sessions will bring you closer to a profound understanding of who you truly are and the untapped resources you possess. Through Coaching, Coherent Energy Patterns (CEP), and Regressive Hypnosis, you will journey into your inner world, revealing hidden truths and wisdom.

This journey is about you and discovering what is possible when you connect with your higher self.

Coaching Session (1.5 Hours): Begin this transformation journey with a coaching session to set clear goals and receive personalized guidance. Together, we will identify the direction you want to go and the necessary steps to get there.

QHHT or BQH Regressive Hypnosis Session (4 Hours, In-Person or Online): In this session, you can ask around 20 questions to your Higher Self in any domain you wish, from relationships and career to spirituality. You will experience a deep connection with your past, unlocking memories and experiences from past lives, this life, or other dimensions, and activating your healing potential.

Online Group CEP Sessions (Third and Fourth, 2 Hours Each): Join the group to experience release, energetic transformation, and manifestation through the quantum field. This session will help you release limiting patterns and connect with your inner resources.

Group CEP Session (Fifth, 2 Hours): We continue the process of release and transformation.

Coaching Session (1.5 Hours): This experience concludes with a final coaching session to evaluate your progress and set future goals. We will reflect on your journey and establish the next steps to achieve your personal goals.

This package offers you a unique opportunity to invest in your own development and healing.

Link to the Regressive Hypnosis session: https://irinaamarinei.com/en/qhht-hypnosis/

Link to information about CEP: https://irinaamarinei.com/en/coherent-energy-patterns-cep/

Link to online CEP group sessions: https://irinaamarinei.com/en/online/

To receive the promotional code for the Transformation Package or for any other information, please contact us via email at irinaamarinei@yahoo.com or on WhatsApp at phone number 0790128561.

I’m here to support you at every step of your journey towards personal growth and healing.

With gratitude and harmony,

Irina Amarinei


Human potential is limitless

The key to evolution is the introduction of the dimension of a higher consciousness în our awareness.
The human potential is the innate capacity to live and express according to the highest self.

QHHT Hypnosis

QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique was created by Dolores Cannon


BQH Hypnosis

Connect with your True Self for healing and spiritual growth.


Kundalini Bodywork

Kundalini Bodywork is a holistic practice that changes the bodies vibration.



CEP or Coherent Energy Patterns, is a profoundly transformative technique