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Coherent Energy PatternsAbout Coherent Energy Patterns - CEP

CEP or Coherent Energy Patterns, is a profoundly transformative technique created to support individuals in their personal journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being.

This unique approach is based on the idea that your past experiences, thoughts, and emotions often create energy patterns that influence your present and future. CEP focuses on changing and releasing these old patterns that no longer serve you while promoting and cultivating new patterns of coherent energy.


The key to the effectiveness of the CEP technique lies in its ability to work with both past and future elements within the present moment. This approach recognizes that your past experiences and emotional imprints can significantly impact your present reality. By addressing these patterns and energies, you can break free from limiting beliefs and thought patterns that might hold you back.

CEP also recognizes the importance of the future in the present. By adopting new patterns of coherent energy, you’re not just releasing old and limiting patterns but also allowing the formation of the desired energy for the future. This process builds a connection between the past and the future, all unfolding in the present moment, enabling you to shape your life profoundly.

A CEP session is structured around transformative steps:

  • Breathing Techniques: In your journey of self-transformation, you begin by exploring deep breathing techniques. These techniques go beyond simple breathing and have the power to guide you to deeper levels of awareness. They not only open the door to transformation but also help you release tension and open yourself to transformative experiences.
  • Energy Activation and Transformation: During the session, you’ll be guided to open up, surrender, and trust your inner energy. In this state, your energy becomes a potent force for change, and you allow it to clear any blockages that might hinder your personal development. This transformative process involves releasing old energy patterns that are no longer helpful and creating space for new, harmonious energy.
  • Quantum Connection: As the session progresses, you’ll enter a non-dual state where your energy is open. In this state, you are connected to the quantum field, where past and future exist in the present. Here, you can manifest what you desire. It’s not just about connecting to the quantum field; it’s also about connecting with your heart. You’ll be guided to feel gratitude for manifestations that have already occurred because there is no concept of time in the quantum field. By embracing gratitude and heart-centered connection, you become a conduit, allowing the Universe to bring manifestations aligned with your new energy patterns.

By consciously addressing elements from both the past and the future in the present moment, CEP offers a holistic view of energy transformation and personal development. This experience represents an empowering journey of self-discovery, allowing you to embrace new patterns of coherent energy while releasing old and limiting patterns. In this transformative journey, you’ll discover the tools and perspectives necessary to engage and shape your own reality.

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What Happens During a Coherent Energy Patterns Session?

Welcome to Your Personal Transformation Journey

In our Coherent Energy Patterns technique, you embark on a deeply personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Here’s what to expect when you join us for a session:

  • Warm Welcome and Setting Intentions: As you arrive, you’ll receive a warm and friendly welcome. This session is all about your personal transformation journey. We create a welcoming and supportive space where you can truly focus on your own growth and self-discovery. Before we begin, we’ll take a moment to set intentions for the session, aligning with your goals and aspirations to ensure your unique needs and desires are met.
  • Breathwork Techniques: During the session, we explore three powerful breathwork techniques designed to help you activate and transform your energy patterns. These techniques are more than just breathing exercises; they are profound tools to connect with your inner self. Through breath, you access deeper levels of awareness, release tension, and open yourself to transformative experiences. I will guide you through each technique, allowing you to harness the power of your breath for personal growth.
  • Energy Activation and Transformation: The heart of the session is where the real magic happens. I will guide you to open up, surrender, and trust the energy. In this state, your energy becomes a powerful force for change. As you trust the process, you allow the energy to clear any blockages that may be holding you back. It’s a transformative journey where you’ll experience the release of energy and thought patterns that no longer serve you, paving the way for empowerment and personal growth. Our approach is based on principles rooted in quantum physics, as we believe in the deep connection between energy and personal transformation.
  • Quantum Connection: In this non-dual state, with your energy open, you are in the quantum field. Here, separation dissolves, and you can manifest whatever you desire. It’s not just about connecting with the quantum field; it’s also about connecting with your heart. I will guide you to feel gratitude for the manifestations that have already occurred, as there is no concept of time in the quantum field. By embracing gratitude and heart-centered connection, you become a conduit, allowing the Universe to bring you the manifestations aligned with your new energy patterns. This step is pivotal because the heart’s vibration is one of the most potent vibrations, aligning your intentions with the vibration of the heart to bring your desires into reality. It’s a profound and deeply personal experience of the interconnectedness of all things.
  • Guided Meditation: We transition into a guided meditation, where you have the opportunity to relax and fully embrace the energy shifts you’ve experienced throughout the session. This meditation is designed to help you align your energy with the transformative insights you’ve gained. It’s a moment of tranquility where you can reflect on your experiences and integrate them into your being. Creating a serene environment for this guided meditation allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.
  • Closing and Reflection: At the end of the session, we gather for a heartfelt discussion. This is your time to reflect on your experiences and share any insights you’ve gained during the session. I am available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on how to carry the session’s benefits into your daily life. We ensure you leave the session with a clear understanding of the transformative journey you’ve undertaken.
  • Community and Support: Beyond the session, you become a valued member of our supportive community. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow participants, share your experiences, and continue your journey of personal growth with a network of like-minded souls. Our community is a place where you can find ongoing support, inspiration, and guidance as you continue your self-discovery and empowerment.

Our Coherent Energy Patterns sessions are deeply personal and transformative. It’s not just a session; it’s your personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment. We’re here to support you every step of the way, and we can’t wait to witness your incredible transformation.

Ready to start your journey? Reach out, and let’s make it happen together.

What is the meaning of Coherent Energy?

Coherent energy, in simple terms, is like a well-orchestrated dance of energy that flows smoothly and harmoniously. Imagine your energy as a symphony: when it’s in a state of coherence, all the instruments are playing together in perfect harmony, creating beautiful music.

Coherent energy is a concept that describes the quality of energy in various aspects of our lives. It’s about how smoothly and consistently energy flows within and around us. Think of it as a river that’s flowing smoothly and gently, rather than a turbulent or stagnant one.

In our daily lives, we encounter different forms of energy—physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual. When these energies are in sync and work together seamlessly, we often feel more balanced, vibrant, and focused. It’s as if everything is in the right place, and we’re in a state of “flow.”

Conversely, in situations where our energy is scattered, conflicted, or disrupted, we might feel stressed, anxious, or fatigued. Picture the chaotic sounds of a badly-tuned orchestra—nothing seems to work together, and it’s uncomfortable.

Now, let’s introduce the CEP technique and its relationship to coherent energy:

The Coherent Energy Patterns (CEP) technique is a powerful tool that aims to help individuals achieve and maintain this state of coherent energy. It recognizes that our lives are filled with various energy patterns stemming from past experiences, thoughts, and emotions. CEP is designed to guide you through transforming these patterns, aligning them with your current aspirations and goals.

Much like a skilled conductor harmonizes the instruments of an orchestra, CEP works to harmonize the different energies within you. By addressing and altering outdated or limiting patterns, it promotes a more harmonious flow of energy in your life. This transformational process allows you to release patterns that no longer serve you and create space for the energy you desire for a brighter future.

In essence, the CEP technique is your personal conductor, helping to bring your internal symphony into perfect alignment. Just as a well-tuned orchestra produces beautiful music, CEP assists you in orchestrating a life filled with harmonious and coherent energy. It’s a journey toward finding balance and harmony within, leading to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life, much like the calm and clarity that follows a storm when everything falls back into its proper place.

What are Energy Patterns?

The concept that every organ, cell, and emotion has energy patterns resembling drawings like mandalas or kaleidoscopes is based on the idea that everything in the universe is interconnected through an energy field. These patterns can be seen as complex geometric and colorful shapes. Here’s a simple explanation:

  • Organs and Systems in the Human Body: Each organ and system in the human body emits energy in the form of electromagnetic fields. These energy fields have specific patterns that vary depending on the health and balance of the respective organ. For instance, a healthy heart has a unique energy pattern.
  • Cells and DNA: At the cellular level, each cell also emits energy fields. DNA, which is vital for cellular function, can be viewed as a complex energy blueprint. Changes in these energy patterns can impact health and cellular function.
  • Emotions and Energy: Our emotions are also linked to these energy patterns. Positive emotions like joy and love can create harmonious energy patterns, while negative emotions like anger or fear can disrupt these patterns.
  • Mandalas and Kaleidoscopes: Mandalas and kaleidoscopes serve as visual representations of these energy patterns. Each organ, cell, or emotion has its own drawing within the energy field. These drawings can vary based on their health and balance. Mandalas appear harmonious when everything functions well together or chaotic when imbalances or disruptions occur.
  • Impact on Health: Changes in these energy patterns can affect our state of health and well-being. Practices like meditation or energy healing therapies can help restore harmonious energy patterns.
  • Manifesting: Through the release of emotions and blocked energies, as well as focusing on manifesting desires using energies like gratitude, love, and freedom, CEP sessions help align with the creative power of the universe. As a result, these sessions can facilitate the manifestation of health, wealth, relationships, and joy in the life of each participant

In conclusion, the fundamental idea is that everything in the universe, including our bodies, operates based on complex energy patterns resembling drawings. These patterns can be influenced by our health, emotions, and energetic balance. Understanding and managing these energy patterns can significantly impact our overall well-being.

What are the benefits of CEP (Coherent Energy Patterns) sessions?

CEP (Coherent Energy Patterns) sessions can bring numerous benefits and positively influence the manifestation of what individuals desire and aspire to in life. These benefits can include:

  • Stress Reduction: CEP sessions can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, contributing to a state of relaxation and emotional balance, thus paving the way for the manifestation of personal desires and aspirations.
  • Improved Energy and Vitality: Participants in CEP sessions may experience an increase in their energy and vitality, helping them feel more revitalized and prepared to manifest their dreams and goals.
  • Promotion of Well-Being: CEP sessions can contribute to a better overall sense of well-being by releasing tensions and energy blockages, facilitating the path to achieving personal desires.
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality: Some individuals find that CEP sessions help them sleep better and wake up more refreshed, creating a conducive environment for the manifestation of dreams and desires.
  • Physical Discomfort Reduction: CEP sessions can aid in reducing physical discomfort, such as muscle aches or stiffness, thus promoting improved health.
  • Release of Negative Emotions: These sessions can assist in the release and more effective management of negative emotions like fear or anger, allowing individuals to focus their attention and energy on what they truly desire.
  • Increased Concentration and Mental Clarity: Some people experience improved concentration and mental clarity after CEP sessions, which can be beneficial in manifesting personal thoughts and plans.
  • Support in the Healing Process: For some, CEP can be a supportive tool in the healing process of various conditions or traumas, facilitating the manifestation of better health and well-being.
  • Self-Awareness Development: CEP sessions can contribute to the development of a deeper self-awareness and understanding of personal aspects, which can positively impact the manifestation of personal potential and aspirations.

It’s important to note that the benefits can vary from person to person, and results may depend on an individual’s level of openness and their response to these sessions. Before participating in such sessions, it is recommended to consult with a specialist or practitioner to better understand how they can help you manifest what you desire in life.

How do I prepare for Coherent Energy Patterns CEP?

Preparing for a Coherent Energy Patterns CEP session is important to have a positive and beneficial experience. Here are some tips on how to prepare for such a session:

  • Find a Qualified Therapist or Instructor: Make sure you work with a qualified and experienced instructor in CEP. Choose someone you feel comfortable with and trust to guide the process.
  • Information and Expectations: Discuss with the instructor what to expect during the session. Ask about techniques, practices, and duration. It’s important to have a clear understanding of what you will experience.
  • Health Status: Communicate any health issues or medical conditions to your instructor before the session. This will allow them to adapt practices to your specific needs.
  • Hydration and Nutrition: Ensure you are well-hydrated before the session and avoid heavy or large meals a few hours beforehand. An empty stomach or a light meal can facilitate the experience.
  • Comfortable Clothing: Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing that allows for free movement.
  • Meditation and Relaxation: Prepare your mind through meditation or relaxation before the session. A state of calm and receptivity can enhance the experience.
  • Openness and Intention: Set a clear intention for the CEP session. What do you wish to achieve or experience? Being open to the process and having a clear intention can add depth to the experience.
  • Patience and Non-Judgment: Be open and patient during the session. Allow things to unfold naturally and avoid judging or evaluating the experience during the process.
  • After the Session: After the session concludes, take time to reflect and note any observations or feelings. It can be helpful to discuss your experience with the therapist and share any questions or uncertainties.

Each CEP session can be unique, and proper preparation can contribute to a deeper and more beneficial experience.

What should I do during my CEP session?

During this session, you should focus on three main points:

  • In the first part, during the activation of energy, allow any emotion that arises to be felt and experienced fully.
  • In the second part, when connecting with the quantum field, feel the desired feeling of what you want to manifest, such as health for joy, wealth for freedom, and relationships for love.
  • Throughout the entire session, maintain your center in the heart energy center located in your chest and avoid getting lost in your thoughts. Bring your awareness back to your heart consistently to facilitate healing and transformation.

Step 1: Releasing Past Emotional Blockages

In the Coherent Energy Patterns (CEP) session, the first step involves releasing past emotional blockages and stuck energies to make space for new, coherent, and harmonious energies. By staying centered within your heart and not getting lost in your thoughts, you open the gateway for any emotion to be released. This is essential because the heart’s energy is the most powerful vibration for healing.

Consistently guide your focus back to your body and heart throughout the session. This practice of staying anchored in the heart allows you to connect with transformative energy and unlock the profound potential for healing within CEP.

By grounding yourself in your heart, you can heighten your awareness, eliminate distractions, and allow energy to flow freely, resulting in a more profound and meaningful experience. Remember, the key is embracing the present moment, where the genuine power of CEP unfolds.

During a CEP session, it is crucial to permit yourself to fully experience and feel any past emotion or sensation that arises. Grant yourself the freedom to let it surface and express itself somatically. Embracing and acknowledging these past feelings can lead to profound healing and transformation during the session. The process is about honoring and accepting all that emerges within you, creating a safe space for emotional release and catharsis.

Step 2: Manifesting in the Quantum Field

Now, in the second step, we shift our focus to the future, engaging with the quantum field. This part of the session is about manifesting based on feelings like gratitude, love, and freedom. Gratitude is the strongest energy to bring our desired manifestations into the present moment, here and now.

As we tap into the quantum field, we align our energies with what we wish to create. The energy of freedom manifests as wealth, love manifests in relationships, and joy becomes our reality. By embracing these future manifestations with gratitude in the present moment, we initiate the transformation process. It is here that we become co-creators with the universe, bringing our desires into tangible existence.

So, in summary, the CEP session involves two vital steps: the release of past emotional blockages and the quantum manifestation of our desired future based on the powerful energies of gratitude, love, and freedom. This holistic approach allows us to embrace our past and future simultaneously, creating a balanced and transformative experience.

What to do after the session?

Integration following a CEP (Coherent Energy Patterns) session is a vital aspect of the healing journey. Here are some key steps to support and enhance your integration:

  • Rest and Hydration: Following the session, allocate time for rest and ensure you stay well-hydrated. CEP sessions can have a powerful energetic impact, and proper hydration aids in flushing out toxins and supporting your body’s natural healing processes.
  • Reflect on the Experience: Dedicate some time to reflect on your CEP session. Journal your insights, emotions, or sensations that surfaced during the session. This self-reflection can deepen your comprehension of the process and its outcomes.
  • Allow Emotions to Flow: CEP sessions may evoke emotions and release blocked energy. Allow yourself to genuinely experience and express any emotions that naturally arise. Grant yourself the freedom to process and release these emotions without judgment.
  • Practice Mindfulness and Grounding: Engage in mindfulness practices, such as meditation or deep breathing, to stay present and grounded. These techniques aid in integrating the energetic shifts and maintaining equilibrium in your daily life.
  • Nourish Your Body: Consume nourishing foods that support your physical and energetic well-being. Focus on a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to provide essential nutrients for your body.
  • Movement and Exercise: Incorporate gentle movements or yoga to facilitate the smooth flow of energy within your body. Avoid strenuous physical activities immediately after the session to allow for a gradual integration of the energy.
  • Stay Open and Receptive: Maintain an open attitude towards any further insights and changes that may manifest in the days or weeks after the session. Trust in your body’s wisdom and the process of healing and transformation.
  • Seek Support: If you have questions or concerns regarding your post-session experiences, do not hesitate to reach out to your CEP practitioner. They can offer guidance and support as you integrate the session’s effects.
  • Avoid Overstimulation: Post-session, grant yourself the time to integrate without overwhelming exposure to external stimuli. Limit your engagement with stressful situations or intense media content that might disrupt your inner process.
  • Self-Compassion: Be kind and gentle with yourself as you navigate the integration phase. Healing is a unique journey, and it’s perfectly acceptable to take the time needed to fully integrate the experience.

By embracing the integration process, you can completely embody the transformative effects of CEP sessions, leading to profound healing, personal growth, and expanded awareness in your life.

What should you do to maintain coherent energy?

In your journey of transformation and personal development, supporting coherent energy plays a crucial role. To achieve your goals and live a fuller and more conscious life, it is necessary to adopt practices and mindsets that support this purpose. Therefore, we will explore in detail the two key components mentioned earlier.

Step 1: Daily Meditation – Connecting with the Quantum Field

One of the most important steps in maintaining and supporting coherent energy is the practice of daily meditation. The meditations, which we carefully and intentionally create, have the role of connecting you to your inner source of energy and wisdom. They represent a powerful tool for achieving a multitude of goals, including manifesting your desires, gaining clarity and balance, and creating the life you wish for.

Through daily meditation, you allocate the necessary time to delve into your inner stillness and explore the depths of your consciousness. This helps you release your mind from constant mental chatter and connect you with your inner source of knowledge and power.

How meditation helps:

  • Manifestation: Meditation is an effective means of attracting and manifesting what you desire in life. When you meditate, you resonate with the energy of your desires. Thus, you can create your desired reality by focusing on what you want to bring into your life.
  • Creating Clarity: Meditation helps clear your thoughts and gain mental clarity. In the silence of meditation, you can carefully examine your ideas, habits, and beliefs that may influence your life. This allows you to make more informed and suitable choices.
  • Boosting Personal Energy: Regular meditation practice develops your inner energy, making you feel stronger and more confident in your life. It helps you cope with daily stress and challenges with greater resilience and determination.
  • Emotional Balance: Meditation is an excellent tool for maintaining emotional balance. It helps you regulate your moods, reduce anxiety, and increase your level of happiness.

Daily meditation is an essential practice to support coherent energy and achieve your life goals. It connects you to your inner resources, providing clarity, strength, and harmony, and helps you create the reality you desire. It is an efficient way to positively transform your life.

Step 2: Avoid Reacting from a Victim Mentality

Another critical aspect of supporting coherent energy is not reacting from a victim mentality. Often, we are tempted to blame circumstances or other people for our emotional states or the outcomes we experience in life. This mentality puts us in a passive position and limits our potential to create positive changes.

To support coherent energy, it is crucial to become aware of how you react to events and free yourself from a victim mindset. Instead of viewing yourself as a victim of circumstances, begin to see each situation as an opportunity to exercise your personal power and create your reality. Taking responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and emotional states helps you become a conscious creator of your life.

By practicing this shift in mindset, you will find that you can make better choices and positively influence the events in your life. You will start to feel stronger and more aware, supporting coherent energy and helping you achieve your goals.

By incorporating these two steps – daily meditation and avoiding a victim mentality – into your life, you will build a solid foundation for maintaining coherent energy. These practices will help you feel more balanced, conscious, and in harmony with life.

Do not react from a Victim Mentality, but embrace yourself as the Creator of your own life!

It is extremely important not to react impulsively to people and circumstances but to act from a creator mentality if we want to maintain a consistent and positive energy in our lives. Reactivity, or the victim mentality, can disrupt the energetic balance we carefully build through practices like meditation, yoga, or introspection.

When we choose to act from a creator mentality, we become proactive and take control of our lives. We cease to be driven by emotional reactions and external circumstances, making us less vulnerable to negative influences. Instead, we focus on consciously and positively creating our own reality.

This change in perspective allows us to feel strong and responsible for our own destiny. With a creator mentality, we are no longer passive in the face of challenges but see them as opportunities for growth and learning. Thus, we can maintain a consistent, healthy, and flourishing energy in our lives and contribute to our own well-being and that of those around us.


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