About Us


& Core Values


Irina Amarinei is on a mission to create a community based on joy, love, integrity, honesty, and a deep sense of understanding for ourselves and one another. By connecting to the quantum field, we are able to transform our thoughts, reactions, and our lives—facilitating a powerful energetic movement that has the power to shape our world and welcome a new era of collective consciousness.

Irina believes that we are all connected—your journey is her journey too. As your trusted guide to your inner self, she is invested in guiding you to see the infinite possibilities beyond your perceived limitations.

Irina is dedicated to guiding individuals to their highest potential, empowering them to harness the energy that attracts limitless abundance and infinite possibilities into their relationships, careers, and lives.

A limitless source of deep wisdom and limitless knowledge lies in each one of us and it is accessible to everybody.

Our Tone

Our tone is upbeat, positive, and relatable, with the goal of helping our audience see that they have the power to transform their thoughts, feelings, relationships, and lives.

We believe everyone already has the answers they need within themselves, and our role is to facilitate the powerful energetic journey.

Our goal is to provide our audience with the honest, reliable information they need to confidently take the next step with us as their guide.

Our tone is supportive, optimistic, and empathetic, emphasizing our insight into our audience’s challenges and demonstrating our ability to help them harness their potential.

Our Language

Our language is passionate and insightful, ensuring our brand resonates with people who are ready to begin seeking an authentic journey of self-discovery and expansion.

We recognize that our message will reach individuals from all walks of life, and it is our duty to share our expertise with them to ensure they feel confident about embarking on an energetic journey with us.

We know that the first step towards healing can be challenging and vulnerable, so we are careful to always use inclusive, welcoming language that assures our audience we have their best interests at heart.

While our language is metaphorical, we take the time to explain what we mean – our audience can only trust us if they clearly understand what we are saying, so we’re careful to ensure our audience knows what to expect from us and what action they need to take.


10% Discount

1 BQH or QHHT session plus 4 Kundalini Bodywork sessions